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Development for Myblox Emulator has stopped.

We're sorry but we are stopping Development for Myblox Emulator because Motti.NET has been discontinued and other development platforms like Java do not provide what we need. We are very Sorry. But we are developing Myblox Root!

Latest and Pure version of Android

With the latest beta's Like Android 9.0 P beta. And a very Pure version of Android! Supported versions of Android: 9.0,8.1.1(?),8.1.0,8.0.0,7.1.1,7.2.x,7.1.0,7.0,6.0.1,6.0.0,5.1.1,5.1.0,5.0.0,4.4.4,4.4.2,4.3,4.0,3.0,2.0,1.1,1.0

Unlocked Bootloader

Yes this emulator has a bootloader and TWRP preinstalled! The bootloader is the basic Nexus bootloader with full ADB and Fastboot capibilities!


Not into the geeky stuff but want a secure fast and free emulator for all your gaming needs this emulator does it with custom GHZ speeds and RAM!

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